Here we are, living in one of the greatest cities in the world: working, playing, and finding our way to live comfortably on our own embracing the abundance of resources, opportunities, and fun our Chicago community has to offer. Such a blast, but so comfortably guarded from the true issues of the greater Chicago population. Our community faces poverty, violence, and discrimination among other critical issues. There are numerous organizations doing big things in our community to solve these issues, but they need our time and attention to succeed.

So what if there was a social organizing platform that enhanced our Chicago playground by bringing together young professionals and friends of friends, while educating all of us on these issues through local non-profits? That's the goal of Chicago Reach. The ask is simple: Join us at our events, meet new friends, and take a few minutes to learn about our featured non-profit.

Together, we can change the future of our Chicago community by actively engaging with these featured partners. Join the party and let's have some fun.




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EMMA kehm, marketing director





BRADY KING - Oak Street Health

BRYAN CIESIULKA - great Lakes Coca-Cola Distribution

DAYTON HOELL - Morgan Stanley

ELLEN PANTHER - Fishman Public Relations

ELRIC ERVING - Chicago Transit Authority