Chicago Reach strives to build community.

We provide a social organizing platform for young professionals of Chicago to come together, expand social networks, and understand the true underlying issues of our community. We build community in two ways: uniting social networks through mutual interests, and connecting us to local nonprofits to raise awareness and gain a following.

How do we unite our social networks? Through our quarterly events, yes, but also through organized social groups including sports teams, music groups, and workout groups among other hobbies and interests that continually introduce like-minded people.  Should you wish to start your own group with Chicago Reach, or join an existing group, shoot us an email or follow on social media. This builds community, brings people together, and engages us in something bigger than ourselves on a consistent basis.

How do we connect with our featured partners? Also through our quarterly events. These events introduce representatives of the nonprofit, allow them to present their missions and calls to action, and provide an opportunity once a quarter to bring everyone together to enhance Chicago's nightlife. Our community faces poverty, violence, and discrimination among other critical issues. Following the event, we roll up our sleeves and get involved through volunteer opportunities with our partners.  Some raise our awareness, some inspire us to volunteer one day, and some drive us to join the young professionals boards. Experiences will be different for everyone, but all amass to doing your part.

The ask is simple: Join us, meet new friends, and dig some roots in our community. We are this city's future, and we challenge everyone to learn, do your part, and have some fun in the process.

Together, we can change the future of our Chicago community by actively engaging with these featured partners. Join the party and let's have some fun.



Charlie Hoover, Founder

Ellen Panther.JPG

Ellen Panther, Social Media Director

Tom McInerney.JPG

Tom McInerney, Social Media Director



Outreach Committee

Andrew Krynski, Cambium Networks

Brady King, Oak Street Health

Bryan Ciesiulka, Great Lakes Coca-Cola Distribution

Dayton Hoell, Morgan Stanley

Elric Erving, Chicago Transit Authority

Jaclyn Rosenthal, Revlon

Jessica Harris, Compass Health Center

Meg Brockman, Yeahmad Productions

Trey Gallagher, Opus Design Build